Script Consultation

The 7th wish empowers global screenwriters through discovery, recognition, and opportunity. We loves writers, we welcome you to submit your screenplay or teleplay to our embedded panel .We help to find out the right way to  filming process in an easy way. Our panel have a define team of Directors, Producers, Creative artist, movie loving  people, we can pitch you in the right path.

Project Consultation for Films

We help to make your film  viability in the marketplace, creating the most effective path to finance and move your project into production.

Some of the ways we work with clients:
·      Create budgeting plans, distribution and promotional strategies
·      Lead packaging efforts
·      We help to find out the fund rasing package
·      Work with filmmakers to reduce all effort while filming

 Digital Marketing Consultation for Films 

1.       Website creation
2.       Social Media Page management (Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest)
3.       Online forum and discussion management 
4.       Social media publishing
5.       Free  downloads management 
6.       Social media promotion and search engine promotion

·                        Using Google Adwords
·                        Using VOD platform
·                        Facebook Advertising
·                        YouT ube advertising
·                        Twitter advertising
·                        Instagram advertising
·                        Pinterest advertising 

7.       Teaser and trailer marketing
8.       Online engagement marketing ( games, contest  and events)
9.       Online listing and management
10.   Online publishing management 
11.   Online public relation work
12.   In line marketing  with brands


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