Video suggested for hospitals

Video suggested for hospitals                                       7th Wish Productions is the brainchild of a group of highly skilled young Directors, Associates, Assistants, Cinematographers, Production Executives and Technicians. It is a consortium of like mined people who intends to make their mark in the highly creative and competitive world of advertising and branding. Video is the most effective medium for promotions.  . Videos have more understandability than words. To get you even more excited, 76% of businesses say that video provides good return on investment. The whole concept of content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships. Stop selling and let the people come to you by providing them interesting and useful information. Usually videos ignite our emotions. if you are serious about content marketing , you must serious about video too…                                                                               Commercial videos


FILM CONSULTATION Script Consultation The 7 th wish empowers global screenwriters through discovery, recognition, and opportunity. We loves writers, we welcome you to submit your screenplay or teleplay to our embedded panel .We help to find out the right way to  filming process in an easy way. Our panel have a define team of Directors, Producers, Creative artist, movie loving  people, we can pitch you in the right path. Project Consultation for Films We help to make your film  viability in the marketplace, creating the most effective path to finance and move your project into production. Some of the ways we work with clients: ·       Create budgeting plans, distribution and promotional strategies ·       Lead packaging efforts ·       We help to find out the fund rasing package ·       Work with filmmakers to reduce all effort while filming   Digital Marketing Consultation for Films  1.        Website creation 2.        Social Media Pag


PRODUCTION SERVICE We offer all type production services  PRE-PRODUCTIONS ·            Reece ·            Location hunting ·            Transportation and accommodation ·            Assistance for creative needs ·            Marketing ·            Fund racing ·            Casting UNDER PRODUCTION Arrange and Coordination of Equipments, Technicians and Cast Equipments     1.          Camera and accessories, 2.          Light and grips, 3.          Jibs and crane, 4.          Mounting and fixtures, 5.          Audio equipments, 6.          Effect making equipments Technician s 1.          Camera man and assistance, 2.          Styling and costume, 3.          Hair and makeup 4.          Stunts and dance, 5.          Art and sets, studios POST PRODUCTION 1 .       Sound and music 2.       VFX and Graphics 3.         Di and grading,


                                                   PRINT AND POST            We have a dedicated team to work each section of photography                                                              Fashion Photography                                                                 Advertising Photography ·                                                                                 Food Photography      ·                                                                           Product Photography         ·                                                                                                                       Wedding photography ·                                                                         Architecture Photography      ·                                                                                                               Action / sports Photography


                                 VIDEO MAKING    There are so many benefits making video for today’s’ businesses. Ten years ago, small businesses typically didn’t have enough money to create a commercial or infomercial video. Even if they could, it was very difficult to get a publishing platform in their limited financial means .The scenario has changed in the era of internet and smart devices. You can now reach out to consumers worldwide within your limited budget Consumers are more interest  to watch a video rather than reading words point by point  .companies could easy to explain their marketing content with audio and visuals.   It is more understandable than words. You can create a video or serious of videos it will help you to ·          Showcase the profile of your business ·          Give proper explanation of your product ·         Im prove the c redibility and trust of you your brand ·          It can tell a vision of your business Method